The city of Pearland is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and the firefighters who report for duty here each day have one priority: the safety of this ever-changing community. Our firefighters give their all to ensure they're ready to respond, no matter the size or scope of the call. When your firefighters aren't responding to any of the 14,000+ annual calls for service over the 75 square miles of this city, we're busy training to hone our skills to make sure we keep up our mission of providing excellence in public safety.

Off duty, your firefighters are proud to take part in several charitable events in the city to give back to the community we serve. Your Pearland firefighters are honored to serve this city and are proud to give back to the community we've taken an oath to protect. Our association protects our firefighters so they can focus on their mission: protecting you.

Fire truck with hoses in rain


The Pearland Fire Department and the Pearland Professional Firefighters Association have grown together to meet the needs of the blossoming city that we serve on a daily basis. The department started as a volunteer agency in the 1940s and remained that way throughout the 20th century until the hiring of the first full-time firefighter in 2008. The Pearland Professional Firefighters Association was formed a short time later, and our agency has developed into a full-time career fire department.

The department is comprised of six stations staffed with a little over 100 firefighters, who work 48-hour shifts. Our firefighters answer about 10,000 calls a year in this 75-square-mile city. Pearland is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas and we anticipate to keep pace with that growth to meet our community’s needs.

As the department and city continue to grow, so has the mission of our association. In addition to protecting Pearland’s firefighters, we have become an integral part of the community by participating in charitable organizations, sponsoring youth baseball teams, and partnering with our schools in a mentoring program. We encourage anyone in the community who would like to partner with us in charitable ventures or community events to please reach out to us.

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